Teenage Angst



do you ever have the urge to tell someone to shut the fuck up even when they aren’t talking

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not so late night sober thoughts  (via a-well-mind)

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If just thinking about you makes me angry enough to punch a wall while sober, you must have really fucked up.

Uzo Aduba’s mother proving that the idea of not being able to pronounce a POC’s name because it’s “too hard” or “too complicated” is complete bullshit and actually just laziness. (via cosmicspread)

they’re soo adorable! and gorgeous

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If they can learn to say Tchaikovsky and Michelangelo and Dostoyevsky, they can learn to say Uzoamaka.

How to finger a girl


1. Use your tongue

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I’m crying

actual tears I hate you patrick

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if you have a pet and i’ve ever visited your house: i’m sorry


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I need to kiss you so badly. One of those kisses where I’m pressing against you as much as possible and my hands are in your hair and moving down your back, clutching to you in any way I can, kissing you as deeply as possible and thinking you’re mine, mine mine.

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I loved you more than you deserved, fucker.